Monday, June 06, 2022

Today's News: Just a few odds and ends

Just a random collection of news tonight. 

First, from Uvalde: 
The more the media tries to dig into what happened in Uvalde, the less it makes sense. 
It is beginning to remind me of the confusion around the Portapique massacre, where 22 people died and where, among other questionable judgement calls, RCMP did not even issue an Alert Ready to warn the community during the hours these shootings were happening.  At least Canada responded by banning 1,500 assault-type weapons, and a Commission is now trying to investigate what happened, though it has been difficult
The inexplicable cowardice of Uvalde police cannot be explained: In other news, American politics: And Saskatchewan politics: 
Pardoning a traffic ticket of the Premier's brother? Pure coincidence! Nothing to see here! Move along move along. In Ukraine, Zelenskyy's outstanding bravery was on display this weekend too: In sports, all of Canada is asking -- what the fuck are you doing to our team, Canada Soccer? And here's a funny one -- sometimes we need reminding about the Maple Cocaine axiom: Because this weekend The Washington Post forgot. Check the Mediaite link for the exhausting details of the Washington Post Twitter Wars from the last few days - Sarah Rumpf writes: 
All too often, a metaphorical pillory is erected upon the Twitter platform, to unrelentingly bludgeon the Outrage Target of the Day™ with rotting projectiles, no clear purpose or goal in sight. Why ask for an apology if you won’t accept it when it is given? What correction can be made for a bad tweet besides removing the tweet? Is the goal to actually, truly address the specific offensive tweet and generally discourage online sexism and misogyny — or simply to stoke the fires by which the online rage mob can light their torches? 
It was a Twitter version of a Reply-All Nightmare story.

And finally, here's a few recent entertaining tweets:
An interesting reminiscence -- on this very night 78 years ago:

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