Sunday, June 05, 2022

Today's News: Why does Europe care about Putin's delicate fee-fees?

So this is discouraging news: Security analyist Michael Horowitz says: And Ukraine is winning. But I'm afraid that some in the West don't believe it -- or, perhaps, they are just swallowing Russian propaganda. Or worse, they are promoting it: In other news, I'm seeing more and more commentary to the effect that lots of people have just lost their minds lately. 
Its not just the random shooters we're reading about every single day. Its the continuing chaos of Trump's Big Lie. Plus now Republicans are apparently obsessed with sex and children, and there's something very creepy about that.  Plus now we have MonkeyPox and Long Covid to worry about. Plus our Conservative leadership clown car ... Finally, here are some random observations: Finally here are some great tweets from the new Indigenous Archival Photo Project which just started posting in May:

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