Monday, June 13, 2022

Today's News: Update on the Russia Ukraine War

I haven't seen as much about the Russia Ukraine War lately. So tonight I wanted to highlight 
some recent tweets and articles to summarize the situation:
One interesting tweet I saw today was this estimation of just how large this war is Based on the numbers in this tweet, the Russia Ukraine War "active hostilities" line is the equivalent of the distance from Winnipeg to Calgary.  Its "frontline" in total would stretch from Winnipeg to Vancouver. 
That is a huge distance for military forces to try to cover, even if each army has more than a hundred thousand troops. 
Here is a lengthy thread from Mike Martin which summarizes the important conflicts in the war now:
Looking eastward, here is Mike Martin's next comment: In an interesting article broadly covering the situation in several areas of the front, Markos at 
Daily Kos gives this useful description of how Russia is fighting this war: 
 ...Russia has honed its one winning strategy—flatten a town, send in some poor souls to see if any defenses remain. That probe gets smacked? Oh well. Must’ve sucked! Turn rubble into smaller rubble. Send in next probe. Lather, rinse, repeat, until all that’s left is dust and craters. Move on to the next town. 
...But if Russia’s rate of advance is microscopic, that still doesn’t mean Ukraine is in better position to retake lost ground. Ukraine faces the same challenges Russian does—in their cautious counter-offensives around Kherson, Kharkiv, and Izyum areas, advancing Ukrainian troops are at the mercy of Russian artillery fire. The country’s wide-open and mostly-flat terrain (plus the proliferation of drones) is ill-suited for sneak attacks. Meanwhile, Russia has been busy digging its own fortifications around key Ukrainian avenues of advance. 
The biggest challenge won’t be stopping Russia, it will be reversing their existing gains. And that’s where the outcome of this war gets hazy. Russia won’t meet its goals, but that doesn’t mean Ukraine will either. 
 And in other news, a Resistance is forming in the parts of Ukraine now occupied by Russia:
Here's an interesting summary article about the varying opinions among European nations:
Finally, here's some happy news:


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Northern PoV said...

Another perspective, and perhaps the reason why you
"haven't seen as much about the Russia Ukraine War lately."