Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Today's News: Updates

A batch of updates tonight - here we go

This observation from Peggy Atwood: Ukraine Russia War
Interesting summary from military analyst Mike Martin comparing the fighting in the Donbass with the Ukraine advances around Kherson, a much more significant battle. 
Here are some parts of this thread:
Also a great article in The Atlantic comparing Ukraine and Chechnya:
Update of the update - I just saw these tweets about Lithuania's partial blockade: Authoritarianism:
Just a short follow-up on yesterday's comments about creeping authoritarianism -- here's an observation I saw today from Princeton political science professor Elizabeth Cohen:
Jan 6 Committee: 
The Jan 6 Committee hearings are on again tomorrow. Here's a significant observation: Uvalde massacre:
A major article from the Texas Tribune tonight describes what happened during the entire incident, as far as reporters can determine through interviews, and review of radio calls, and video. 
It is a damning indictment of ineptitude and cowardice: 
 ... current records and footage show a well-equipped group of local officers entered the school almost immediately that day and then pulled back once the shooter began firing from inside the classroom. Then they waited for more than an hour to reengage. 
“They had the tools,” said Terry Nichols, a former Seguin police chief and active-shooter expert. “Tactically, there’s lots of different ways you could tackle this. … But it takes someone in charge, in front, making and executing decisions, and that simply did not happen.”.... 
FreeDumb Convoy: 
The #FluTruxKlan has apparently now become the #FreeDumbConvoy -- check this hashtag for more updates:

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