Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Today's News: Investigations all over
There are three important investigations going on right now -- the Mass Casualty Commission (AKA the Portapique massacre) in Nova Scotia, the Jan 6 Committee hearings in Washington, and the Uvalde massacre investigations in Texas. 
They all had significant events happening today. 

Mass Casualty Commission (Portapique massacre): 
The Nova Scotia RCMP have testified repeatedly at these hearings and though I haven't reviewed all the testimony I can't remember reading of a single time when they accepted responsibility for significant mistakes, errors in judgement, miscalculations, or clumsy ineptitude -- nope, all the things that went wrong in April 2020 when a crazy nut spent hours driving around killing people and burning houses and 22 people died has all just been blamed on fog of war, acts of god, not knowing what was happening, it was dark, or somebody else's fault. 
So today, it was the RCMP Commissioner's turn to be blamed, for the awful communications after the event. Lucki apparently ordered the RCMP commanders on site to release the number of people killed and they futzed around and didn't do it so she did and then they were all insulted and so she went to Nova Scotia to reprimand command staff and she made people cry. 
Oh, the horror! 
Here is the report (PDF) where this chain of events is detailed - Public Communications between RCMP and Governments following the Mass Casualty.
This is what Evan Scrimshaw wrote tonight about the whole debacle: 
Here's where we have to read the tea leaves – what was said in the meeting between Lucki and Campbell is unknown, except that Campbell said that he made the decision to disobey her direct order on operation grounds, and that Lucki was so harsh some people cried. On the latter part, boo hoo. Who fucking cares if your boss was mean to you after a monumental fuckup. Cry more. On the former part, also fuck off, because I didn’t think that police officers got to disobey direct orders because they feel like it. Under no reasonable org chart does the fucking Commissioner not trump whatever the fuck his job title was, and he disobeyed a direct order. Yeah, you get yelled at for that.
Other commenters are not impressed with the sudden burst of political tut-tutting after politics reared its ugly head. Oh, and by the way...

Jan 6 Committee:
Powerful testimony at the hearings today, from people whose lives have been ruined because they stood up for the US constitution and did the jobs they were sworn to do. 
This statement from Rusty Bowers was particularly moving:

Uvalde massacre: 
People are getting angrier and angrier as more information emerges about the inept cowardice of the police:
And in other news:

About Ukraine:
At Daily Kos, Mark Sumner provides an update today: 
Every time it seems impossible that the intensity of combat in Ukraine could increase … it increases. On-the-ground reports, official Ukrainian statements, and NASA’s FIRMS data all agree that conflict is hitting staggering new levels. There are reported Russian offenses taking place in both Kharkiv and Kherson oblasts. At the same time, Ukrainian counteroffensives are reportedly continuing in these areas. And there is what both sides are treating as the main prize at the moment: that continued area of Ukrainian control extending east to Severodonetsk.
...Ukrainian officials had earlier signaled that this week would be “decisive” in the battle for Severodonetsk. However, a withdrawal from the city may already be underway.
About the FreeDumb Convoy: And by the way, about the Emergencies Act that ended the last convoy:

On a lighter note -- this is priceless: And this: Here's a little story that will cheer up your day - click on this tweet and follow the thread:


Anonymous said...

The lesson from Portapique and Uvalde is never to trust police accounts of events, especially after they've messed up. Things look very different when the facts come out.


Cathie from Canada said...

Yes, definitely.