Thursday, June 02, 2022

Today's News: Birds!

Another miscellaneous collection of news items tonight from hither and yon. 

First up, birds! 
One of the people I now follow on twitter is Saskatoon's Tim Brown, who is doing a series of "Birds of Saskatchetoon" which is a portmanteau of "Saskatoon" and "Saskatchewan".  He has a blog, too - artgeekbrown
I love his bird artwork and how he also tells the story of how he spotted each one on his journeys somewhere in or near Saskatoon.  Here are some examples for you to enjoy:
And speaking of birds, isn't this sweet? Next up, Canadian politics -- 
The Ontario election is tomorrow and the polls are showing a majority Ford government and yes it is incomprehensible to me, too: Then again, here in Saskatchewan we have elected Conservative-type governments for the last 15 years - 15 YEARS! - and I don't understand that either. 
Maybe this will prove prescient:
Reporter David Reevely has some interesting comments about Bill Morneau's recent speech and its impractical suggestions for ways the economy can be managed by economists rather than mere politicians. Yeah, like economists could do such a great job....
Moving next to the United States -
The Uvalde massacre story is getting stranger every day, and the odd police reactions are convincing more media that there's something being covered up: Next, Europe - 
I thought this was an interesting comment about the European Union. I'm not sure whether this is correct, but it is something to consider:
The more I read about what is happening with Brexit, the less I understand, except to realize that Britain isn't capable anymore of "leading" Europe either. They might not even be able to sort out Northern Ireland. 

Finally, Ukraine --
It appears now that Russia is mostly bogged down. Here is Phillips O'Brian has a thread on recent fighting in the Donbas:

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Did you know that Brexit benefits are -40 in both Imperial and Metric measurements?