Sunday, June 19, 2022

Today's News: Pride parade again

Today was Saskatoon Pride parade day - thousands lined our streets, in spite of the heat, for our first parade since 2019: Speaking of parades, I'm hearing that the FluTruxKlan wants to try to ruin Canada Day for Ottawa - they seem to think that Trudeau and the nation are afraid of them. 
Canada agrees that these guys are just a bunch of jerks  - check out the comments to their tweet: If Ottawa police fail again, I am confident that Trudeau will not hesitate to declare another Emergencies Act: Now a few dogs, bruh! 
Today is Veterinary Appreciation Day so I just had to replay the best pet adoption video ever:
I saw this tweet today and I hadn't realized that Colville did dog art: I looked up Colville's other dog pictures -- here are two of them:

Beautiful., aren't they. 
And this is completely off topic, I know, but I found a fascinating article about the Alex Colville influences in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining - great stuff.

Finally, I was today years old when I found out that Orcas Got Memes*  Turns out that in 1987, one pod started wearing dead salmon as a fashionable hat accessory and it spread to a couple of other pods before the whales just stopped wearing them during the next season:
Like all retro fashion trends, this one also made a come back 30 years later.

*and yes, it reminded me of Clams Got Legs:


Anonymous said...

Nice collection today, Cathy, especially the dog pics and vids. And way to segue between two themes with that campy ABBA dog video! Nice!


Anonymous said...

Honest comment from an 8 year old girl in western Canada when told to wear pink or rainbow to school on a specific day
"when do I get my day?"
I love the cultural appropriation of it all
Rainbow used to mean covenant with God
and Pride was the first of seven deadly sins.
Society for the most part really doesn't want to know how you rub your bits and doesn't care that 90% of your personality is a sex issue.

Cathie from Canada said...

Thanks Cap.
As for Anon's comment:
1. Could someone please tell that little girl that International Women's Day has been celebrated for decades on March 8. If she wants to start a movement to develop a whole "month" for women, there is nothing stopping her from doing that.
2. I believe that whatever "rainbow" used to mean, and whatever "pride" used to mean, is not relevant anymore - terminology changes along with our society. I too could wish that society didn't care so much about someone's sexual orientation but it still does, and LGBTQ2S+ people still face terrible discrimination. This is what makes Pride month so important around the world. Do some reading about it and please don't be dismissive or sarcastic.