Sunday, June 26, 2022

Palate cleansers

What an awful couple of days, and its not going to get any better next week. 
SCOTUS still has more cases to announce (including another gun case). 
And Canadians are wondering why Pierre Poilievre hasn't said anything yet about abortion, but is talking about kicking MPs out of caucus for the crime of Insufficient Loyalty to Dear Leader
And the FreeDumb Convoy now says Ottawa police told them they can park their trucks wherever they want to. 
Yeah, just great news from all over. 
So here are some palate cleansers, just for tonight - we'll get back to politics soon enough. 

 First, this great photo from NASA - it is described as "perhaps the most-terrifying space photograph to date" and it shows Space Shuttle astronaut Bruce McCandless floating untethered, using his Manned Maneuvering Unit to keep him alive, the first person in history to do this. 

Here's some funny stuff:

This,..sorta hilarious: Watch yourself with these two videos! I thought it was just me: A few jokes: A little bit of humour about the SCOTUS decision: And here's some good news:

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