Saturday, July 02, 2022

Canada Day Part Deux

Here, I think, is the last and best word on the Convoy, from Scrimshaw tonight:  Scrimshaw writes:
...Convoy 2.0 was neither small enough to be safely ignored nor big enough to constitute a true populist movement, and this is where the Conservative Party, and the broader conservative movement, is stuck.
... the broader conservative movement is hanging together by a thread right now, and the Convoy is but the latest example of it. 
This is not a populist uprising designed to take power back from a tyrannical leader, it’s a fascist attempt to depose a Prime Minister they don’t like that has been normalized – by the press, by Bergen, by Poilievre, and by the press once again – as a movement for “freedom” and over vague shit. It’s a disgrace that it’s being reported this way, but let’s be clear about what this movement really is. It’s antithetical to actual, small c conservatism, because it is about a violation of our most sacred freedom – the freedom to be represented by the government of our choice.
And, of course, The Beaverton: Meanwhile, this is what its all about: Speaking of Canada Day:


Anonymous said...

These are great, Cathy! Here's another great Canada Day story:

Cathie from Canada said...

Thanks for this great story about Randy Bachman, a true Canadian icon!

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that Randy was able to fly to Tokyo. I looked into it recently and the country is still closed to foreigners. Only tour groups are allowed and you have to stay with the group. I guess when you're Randy Bachmann exceptions can be made.