Monday, July 04, 2022

Today's News: Weekend updates
Conservative leadership update:
Maybe Poilievre has hired a new PR firm not staffed by 12-year-olds. 
He released a video today that conservatives actually liked.  As for me, it worried me -- it doubles down on the Conservative "freedom" meme which actually means "be as prejudiced as you want, we won't stop you". 
Some see through it: Some do not: Basically, its all just more Poilievre BS: Meanwhile, Trudeau-bashing continues apace, especially from Jean Charest's campaign manager who has a book to shill and gets a National Post column to do it: Ukraine update:  

 A useful thread here about the importance of the southern liberation campaign:
Taking back Ukraine's Black Sea ports is also important for grain shipping this summer and fall: Even when Ukraine has to withdraw, it still manages to win: Saskatchewan update: 
The Sask Party is trying to play both ends against the middle again. 
In a pander to the People's Party of Canada supporters in the province (here they call themselves the Buffalo Party) who are convinced that tyrant Trudeau is so mean to poor old Sask, they set up an unofficial "Saskexit" committee which is running around now holding meetings (notice I didn't use "Sexit because, well...) and writing a report.
But now the rest of the province has noticed so they're pandering to us with reassuring noises that nobody needs to be concerned because there's really nothing to see here folks, move along move along: Here's an interesting tidbit from Saskatchewan's past - the RCMP believed the doctors bringing Medicare to Saskatchewan sixty years ago, in 1962, should be surveilled because socialism, communism, whatever... I was 13 years old when Medicare was introduced in Saskatchewan and it was an incredible story. I wrote a diary several years ago at Daily Kos about The Baby Who Died For Medicare. Today, 60 years later, we take Medicare for granted, as something we always had, but it was not easy to bring it in - only people committed to the people's welfare, like Woodrow Lloyd and Tommy Douglas and a few brave doctors, could do it.

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lungta said...

The return to freedum
Bring back the old
No vaccines
No penicillin
No regulation on food inspection
No drug regulation
No speed limits
No returns
No guarantees
All buyer beware
Be free to die of your latest injury
Free from proof of truth
Free to do what ever you want with your Possessions ...burn, beat, destroy
Free to spout any garbage as gosple
You go lil pp pawliver
I can see we are already 1/2 way there.
Wave 12 and the new dark age
Fun times.