Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Today's News: Declare victory and leave

If former Sask premier Brad Wall had ever bothered to learn French, he could have been a Conservative prime minister. He had the persona of a golden boy and the Toronto suburbs might have voted for him. 
But as it turned out, just as well he stayed in Swift Current. 
The news came out today that he had been advising the Convoy back in February. He basically told them they weren't going to get the Liberals to resign, so they should just declare victory and leave, with their bank accounts and reputations (relatively) intact. 
It was good advice from an experienced politician who knew when a battle wasn't going to be won. So of course the Convoy didn't follow it. 
Ultimately their leaders went to jail, their so-called "movement" was discredited with the thousands of credulous people who had supported it, they lost all their money, and they were chased out of the border crossings and away from Ottawa after Trudeau commandeered the tow trucks. Saskatchewan is furious: Wall is trying Trump's "just a coffee boy" defense: Here's a "greatest hits" blast from the past, too: Here's a funny one: And speaking of stumps: Finally, this is beautiful:


Anonymous said...

Here in Ontario, we know a thing or two about electing incompetent and corrupt premiers. But my hat's off to the people of Saskatchewan for electing Brad Wall. You win.


Cathie from Canada said...

Thanks, Cap!