Friday, July 01, 2022

Today's News: Catching up

Sorry for missing posting yesterday - my computer was in the shop for a tune-up. 
So let's catch up with the news: Ottawa update: As I watch these videos, every now and then someone yells "freedom" and it just echoes into the abyss: Ukraine update: Remember the Russians blew up the Snake Island garrison in the early days of the war? Well, Ukraine has now taken Snake Island back: This will help with grain shipment safety, too. America should be proud of the president they elected, and of their own willingness to support Ukraine against Russia: Covid update: 
Yes, this is exactly my plan: I hope our era will be remembered as humanity's crazy time (rather than as the beginning of the end): And finally:
Here are more wonderful stories: These aren't exactly stories, but wonderful all the same:

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