Sunday, July 24, 2022

Music and poetry and funny stuff

But first: what a race!
Now, some great dances:
Fred Astaire said this Nicholas Brothers number was "the greatest dancing he had ever seen on film."

This is the number where Rogers said the beaded sleeve of her dress smacked Astaire in the face in their first twirl but they just kept on dancing. 

I always thought the Shoe Shine song from The Bandwagon was one of the greatest dances Astaire ever did. The shoe shine man in the number is Leroy Daniels, who actually did shine shoes for a living.

On to the poetry -  
The problem with Twitter is that everything gets jumbled up and I am not on it often enough to follow every account that I want to, so I am constantly missing great posts. 
So now I have set up several lists, and particularly one I just call "A Poetry List" so I can gather and keep track of what is new. Like these:
Retweeted by Poetry Daily, because its just a beautiful statement: Now the funny stuff: These threads are worth checking out:

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