Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Today's News: Finally!

Well, finally. 
Somebody in the White House seems to have taken charge of the abortion issue -- maybe Harris, maybe Becerra, maybe Biden himself -- and this is actually getting DONE! And so what if somebody sues - OF COURSE somebody will sue, and it will go all the way to SCOTUS because that's the chaos that the Court should have realized it would instigate when it made its awful decision. 
Then the less-rabid justices could narrow the Dobbs decision, if Roberts can persuade Kavanaugh or Gorsuch to go along with him. 
Other impacts: And another "well, finally" moment here -- the New York Times has written a detailed article about the glacial pace of the so-called "investigation" of Trump by the Department of Justice. 
I have thought for some time that Garland simply isn't cutting it. 
In 18 months, I think he has held maybe one press conference about Jan 6. That is pathetic. 
It's quite obvious that Garland does not want to bring charges against a former president for actions that could be argued are "political". 
There is, of course, some basis for that position-- democracies fight about politics at the ballot box, while dictatorships arrest their deposed leaders. 
But Trump's crimes were not political, they were criminal, and he should be charged with them.
Twitter was full of reaction to the NYT story:

Moving on, here's a fascinating article about the new Covid variants and their likely impact over the rest of 2022: And here is recognition of how hard our our political leaders and our civil service worked to try to keep Canadians safe: In breaking news, the Texas power grid is failing again, as temperatures soar: This guy!


Anonymous said...

Catholic hospitals in the US have ignored EMTALA on abortion since the law was passed in 1986. If the only hospital in your area is a Catholic one, or if it's the only one your HMO covers, or if it's the one the ambulance takes you to, you're going to be SOL. There will never be a situation so emergent that they'll perform an abortion. It's like Ireland before they amended the constitution.

What makes people think this memo from HHS will change a situation they've ignored for almost four decades?


Cathie from Canada said...

Yes, but its better than doing nothing. It is important for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc to see that the federal government has their backs and would be, I hope, willing to support them in a dispute with a hospital director. I don't know if health professionals saw this before.