Wednesday, July 20, 2022

I read the news today, oh boy

Today's news: Meanwhile, there are terrible wildfires and heat emergencies across Europe and in the Canadian Rockies, Hockey Canada is destroying itself, the increasing cost of renting is going to cause economic stress for millions of people, and monkeypox cases are rising exponentially. 
But hey, let's keep talking about news that isn't actually happening - its a lot less stressful. 
Since his haircut, Trudeau is going out and about more -- thus providing even more opportunities for Canadian media to focus on trivialities: This thread about Trudeau-bashing, however, is much more serious: And on a side note, how outstanding is Chef Andres and his World Central Kitchen? They are everywhere when they are needed: In the United States, now that everybody knows the Supreme Court has a MAGA majority, the push is on to nullify marriage equality: Tonight the House has passed a bill to give federal recognition to same-sex marriage, to forestall a likely SCOTUS nullification. 
But tonight the Dems seem to be dithering on whether to get it to the Senate. 
Stupid! On another side note, this is hilarious - click on through to read the whole thread of newspaper clippings back to 1902 about how "nobody wants to work anymore" And this was in the comments: Here's another great Twitter story: Finally, this:

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