Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Today's News: Updates from all over

Uvalde Massacre update: 
The Uvalde preliminary report is out and it is damning. They're talking about the Interim Report 2022 on the Uvalde massacre in May. 
In spite of all the talk in the report about school fences and unlocked doors, Lawrence O'Donnell at MSNBC pinpoints the key sentences, on page 73: 
There was no legal impediment to the attacker buying two AR-15-style rifles, 60 magazines, and over 2,000 rounds of ammunition when he turned 18. The ATF was not required to notify the local sheriff of the multiple purchases. 
As O'Donnell noted in his commentary, it was fear of this armament that prevented almost 400 police from trying to stop the mayhem sooner. We also had news about this self-serving BS. And now even more stuff is coming out: On a side note, this just may result in more realistic views of police: The people of Uvalde are strong, and getting stronger:
Ukraine update:
Battles continue to be fought in a few places along the eastern and southern front, but there appears to be little movement of the lines. Russia seems to be frozen in place, without the capacity to move forward nor the integrity to retreat, while Ukraine assembles its arms and its army to initiate a Kherson offensive. An interesting story which explains one question I have wondered about - why don't people living in active war zones just leave?
This is upsetting to read though it did work out OK in the end for this boy: Europe update: 
Here is a thread about Europe's heat wave this week. 
People are dying across the continent, Greece is sending firefighters to France, Spain is burning, Scotland is running out of water, temps in UK reached 40, etc: and this terrifying escape happened in Spain: And some other observations today: 
Steve Bannon's trial began today and this pretty well sums up my opinion: Whatabout-ism, and so true: And here in Saskatchewan, the Sask Party government got caught flying hither and yon at taxpayer expense for totally necessary trips like -- going to lunch: Harpauer was just too busy to talk to the media today but apparently she will do so tomorrow. Undoubtedly she'll refer again to some irrelevant trip taken by the NDP 20 years ago...


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how the news out of Uvalde just keeps getting worse for the cops. How long before we find out that some kid died from police bullets?

Cathie from Canada said...

Yes, I wondered that myself. There was a tweet from police early on that said none of the deaths had been attributed to police action, or words to that effect -- but it was careful phrasing, and it was only later that the information came out about 17 people wounded. So I have wondered ever since if police firing accounted for some of the people wounded.