Thursday, July 21, 2022

Some great stuff

I had never seen this before, its absolutely hilarious. 
Here's another great Twitter story:
Moving on, one of the bizarre things I noticed about the Trump administration is that things were ALWAYS worse than they first appeared to be. No matter how bad something looked when first reported or exposed - from the Muslim Ban to the Helsinki meeting to the child separation policy to Jan 6 insurrection etc etc - it always turned out to be even more senseless, cruel, abusive, greedy or criminal than it first looked. 
And Trump is still doing this, from beyond the grave, so to speak - it is now clear that misplaced loyalty and. I assume, the promotion of too many incompetents, has compromised the US Secret Service.
Here's the end of a long thread from Rick Wilson plus links that is worth reading - he also talks about Trump's ability to inspire the worst in everyone near him. 
It was Wilson who in 2016 coined the hashtag #ETTD - Everything Trump Touches Dies: And what a grievance-hoarder Trump is: Here's some commentary about Ukraine:
I found two interesting reactions to Bob Rae's latest tweet:
Finally, Gurdeep lives to dance:


Anonymous said...

Even Pence was spooked by the Secret Service and refused to get in a car with them on Jan 6. I believe he thought their mission had changed from taking a bullet for him to putting one in him. Trump would then have used that as a pretext to declare a state of emergency.


Cathie from Canada said...

Yes, the US literally dodged a bullet on Jan 6. Trump and his military goons were searching for an excuse to declare martial law - luckily, Pence didn't give it to them, nor did Antifa (who wisely did not show up) nor were there explosions at the DNC and RNC offices (caught in time). And the mob was NOT supposed to wreck the Capitol, either, which frightened Republican congress people so much that they mostly forgot about the "delay" plan and voted for certification as fast as possible so they could go home.