Saturday, July 23, 2022

Today's News: Ukraine update

Azov Battalion members near Zaporizhzhia eastern Ukraine on July 21. Credit Mauricio Lima NYT

Lots of news from Ukraine lately: 
First, a new deal was announced today to move Ukrainian grain through the Black Sea:
The Lithuania foreign affairs minister: However, some caution is warranted: In other news: I wonder if this can this be true? All of the old arguments about the risk of starting World War 3 still apply, I think, but if Ukrainian pilots can be trained quickly enough this improvement in airpower might make a difference. 

And there seems to be lots going on in the Kherson region as well as in the Donbas: In other news, here's a good one (well, not good, really, but funny at least): Here are several more comments on yesterday's January 6 Committee hearing: In other news, did the Red Sox send all their pitchers to Toronto by mistake? We checked the score in the 4th and saw it was 14 to 3 so we kept on watching Bosch so we missed the 11-run 5th, darn it.

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