Sunday, July 10, 2022

Weekend updates

An historic day of remembrance for Canada's WWI soldiers in the No. 2 Construction Battalion This battalion of 500+ men worked mainly in the forests and lumber mills of France to provide the wood slats etc needed for trenches, construction, and so forth, and they also trained in infantry. Moving on -- 
The plot thickens in the Conservative leadership campaign debacle!
Did Brown's campaign really just waltz heedlessly into breaking Canadian election laws? 
Or was it Poilievre's campaign that tricked Brown to do this? 
Or is Charest actually behind it all, sabotaging both Poilievre and Brown so he will be the only one to remain standing? 
Grab some popcorn and stay tuned:

Here's an excellent idea! Whenever I go to the grocery store I do try to remember to thank the staff still cleaning carts, and I try to mention to the Customer Service staff how grateful I am that they take precautions, but I hadn't thought of mentioning this also to the cashiers. 
Two years in, working in a mask all day every day must get pretty tiresome. 

 A couple of good Climate Change observations: Here's a good Hunter Biden observation: And Democrats are a little pissed off at the inept reaction in Biden's White House to the SCOTUS abortion decision - two weeks of dithering, and then getting mad at activists? Do better, guys: Maybe its AOC and Gavin Newsome they are actually afraid of. 

Finally, some funny stuff:


Anonymous said...

Regarding "nobody's working at the WH anymore," communication is noticeably down since Jen Psaki left.

Also, Biden, Pelosi, Hoyer and the rest of the Dem gerontocracy backing incumbent Henry Cuellar in the Democratic primary in Texas was a very bad look. Cuellar is the only forced birth Dem left and was running against a very progressive candidate not in the pocket of the NRA. Backing him while asking people to vote Dem to secure abortion rights tells everyone that you're not serious about women's rights.

Cathie from Canada said...

Yes I don't understand why the Biden team shoots themselves in the foot sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that as practicing Catholics, Biden and Pelosi aren't as committed to women's reproductive choice as they like to let on. Then there's the perennial problem of the party not wanting to rock the corporate donations boat. As one critic put it, "Republicans refer to their most involved voters as 'the base,' and deliver for them, while Democrats refer to theirs as 'some activists' and ignore them."