Saturday, July 09, 2022

Today's news: Nelson moments


Today seemed to be a day of "Nelson" moments. 

There was that day-long Rogers outage: And that story about SCOTUS justice Brett Kavanaugh being chased out of Morton's by protestors:

And Tamara Lich is back in jail:
I'm reading angry tweets that Lich is a martyr -- but honestly, what did she think would happen after she breached her bail conditions? Her lawyers did her no favours.

And Elon Musk wants to pull out of the Twitter deal.
You know, I always believed  that the only reason Musk wanted Twitter was because he had promised to reinstate Trump, but then it got too complicated and Musk never actually wanted to work that hard. And trying to distract attention from the Jan 6 hearings: And trying to distract attention from Biden's success: And wishful-thinking "Covid is over, isn't it?" And Poilievre, of course -- we knew it wouldn't take long for Canadian pundits to decide that Canadian voters really should give Poilievre a chance, but for crying out loud, his Convoy Walk was only a week ago! 
Then again, it's Fife, so...
So in conclusion:

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