Wednesday, July 06, 2022

Today's news: Comments on the passing scene

Its been a crazy day, eh? 

Patrick Brown is out: Scrimshaw writes: 
...this is probably good for the Tory Party in terms of general election posture in 3 years, because with Brown out of the race, it basically stops Poilievre from having to continue his tack right. 
It’s now not the case that he has anything resembling a threat to the leadership, and if he’s smart, he can tone back the negativity and the anger and start a more fulsome pivot to the centre, which will enable him to avoid any more quotes or moves in the leadership that end up fucking him in the General. 
Wise advice, which is why I wouldn't expect Poilievre to follow it -- he'll say something stupid again soon.
And here's the morning "media take":

Boris Johnson is almost out. 
His only accomplishment, Brexit, is a disaster for the UK economy and may well lead to the creation of a separate Scotland and a unified Ireland.
The United States has lost its mind. 
Again. Finally, here's some stupid shit from rich people: Like this, Part One: And this, Part Two: And this is why transphobia matters:

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