Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Today's News: Ain't we havin' some fun now!

The Jan 6 committee held another hearing today - they're taking aim right at Trump now, putting the "fun" in "fundamentally nuts":
But this is still infuriating, too: And on a side note, good old John Bolton stuck his foot in his mouth AGAIN. He likely caused an international incident, as many other governments will be calling the State Department as Bolton's "coup" admission went ricocheting around the world today:
Moving to Canada, here's the latest:
Our health care systems are collapsing across the country because all the nurses and doctors are sick. And so our provincial premiers have decided that Trudeau must DO SOMETHING! - by which they mean, give them MOAR MONEY! Finally, the new Webb telescope images put things into perspective, don't they:


Anonymous said...

The premiers are right to ask the feds to contribute more to healthcare. Canada has one of the worst patient to provider ratios in the OECD, and Ontario has the worst in Canada. But the premiers would be a lot more convincing if they promised to match any federal tax hike that results. No pain, no gain.


Cathie from Canada said...

Yes, I'm afraid its all theatre -- histrionic "blame trudeau" but no actual follow through by the premiers.