Thursday, July 28, 2022

Today's News: "Rescind the Doctrine"

The Pope's reconciliation events were in Quebec today - above is a photo of a delegation from the Innu community of Mashteuiatsh, where the last Quebec residential school closed in 1991. The group of a dozen people walked 275 km to reach the Quebec City reconciliation events, and included members of the Innu, Anishinaabe, Naskapi, Wendat and Atikamekw communities.
Launière-Mathias, the executive director of the non-profit group Puamun Meshkenu, said the seven-day adventure cultivated a sense of "collective pride." 
"It was teamwork. Each person travelled the kilometres that they could. When they weren't walking, they were supporting each other emotionally and spiritually," he said. "It was a reflection of our communities, our nations."
It was another example, I think, of the remarkable sense of community evident in this reconciliation visit. 
In spite of the words of Trudeau and Simon, below, I don't think we are going to be seeing anything more now from Pope Francis and the Catholic Church than has already been given. 
But this visit created a sense of community among Indigenous people across the country -- it was one of the things that made this visit worthwhile and it will have an impact on the future.  
I also hope the Pope will remember how seriously Canadians believe the Catholic Church needs to rescind the Doctrine of Discovery.


Anonymous said...

I suspect governments have been quietly lobbying the Vatican not to rescind the 15th century Discovery Bulls. The implication for property rights in the Americas would be profound.

But it really doesn't matter whether the Pope rescinds the discovery doctrine. The Canadian government could

Anonymous said...

simply repudiate the doctrine itself. In fact, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission called on the federal government to do just that. Now that Canada has committed to implementing UNDRIP, we will need to build a different foundation for property law.


Cathie from Canada said...

Cap you are probably right. Also, I did not realize Canada could act on its own regarding the Doctrine. Yes, we need to do this. Its a journey for all of us, I think.