Saturday, May 07, 2022

Today's News: Children of Ukraine

Mother's Day is coming up so here are some photos I have been collecting showing some of the children in Ukraine: Here is a beautiful photo of children playing with bubbles, in central Lviv on April 7:
Mauricio Lima for The New York Times 

This is Hassan, a brave 11-year-old boy who journeyed a thousand kilometres in March by himself to get to his family in Slovakia - his mother had to remain in southeast Ukraine to look after his grandmother who cannot travel, but she sent Hassan to safety.
Finally, this sweet little angel child. I don't know where this photo was taken but I first saw it in early March:

Here's an unusual follow-up: And of course, from the Oval Office:
In other Ukraine news, Ukrainian military are pushing Russia out, village by village: Markos offers this analysis:
 ...the collapse of Russian lines around Kharkiv has become so dire that Russia’s border is at risk, with Belgorod within range of Ukrainian artillery. 
 ...From the very beginning, Russia had too few troops for such a big country. It diluted those troops across too many axes of attack. It pulled out of the Kyiv area after a bloody debacle, but Russia is still spread too thin, and attacks at random, without consideration of any broader strategic goal like that push west of Izyum. Those attacks are the usual drip-drip-drip, proving daily that Russia simply cannot open the spigot and attack en masse. It never has, and seemingly never will. 
Ukraine has played it smart, playing rope-a-dope with Russia, attriting its forces, pinning them down, and then counter-attacking judiciously, never over-committing, but probing weaknesses in Russia’s lines. It’s no mistake that Ukraine is counterattacking in the two regions (Kharkiv and Kherson) that have the fewest number of committed Russian forces. 
 Ukraine is still not ready for a true massed counteroffensive—Russia’s advantage in artillery and air support make that too risky. But the balance shifts slowly toward Ukraine every single day, with every tank and artillery gun destroyed, with every warplane and helicopter shot down, and with every Russian and proxy soldier taken off the field. 

Moving to other news:
As the Federalist Society majority on the US Supreme Court now attempts to justify making abortion illegal, people are noticing just how bad Alito's argument is -- his overly-broad, inept and poorly-written draft tries to erase the last century of US civil rights. 
If this opinion stands, just imagine how states will try to use it to retroactively outlaw everything from Social Security to gay marriage. This will clog Supreme Court dockets for years and throw US society into chaos: I hadn't heard "domestic" used before as a euphemisim for "white", but here it is:
Finally, returning to Canada, the reviews are in for the CPC debate yesterday and its not good: And I laughed at how Montreal Simon started his great post today
 I missed yesterday's Con leadership debate live on TV. 
 I forgot it was on, and by the time I remembered it was over. 
 And for a while I was sorry. 
 But then I discovered that I could watch the whole debate on YouTube. 
 And then I was REALLY sorry. 
 Zing! Pow!

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