Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Today's News: Odds and ends

Just a batch of somewhat-random tweets tonight, sorted into some topic areas. 

  Ontario Election:
I didn't watch the debate but I saw a few funny tweets coming out of it: I am hopeful that Del Duca is going to keep on rising in the polls, hopefully this debate will help. 

Ukraine: What a photo:
The Battle of Mariupole is over: And here's a Canadian moment: In this tweet, military specialist Mark Hertling has referenced a lengthy Mick Ryan tweet thread yesterday about the Severskyi Donets river crossing failure - worth checking out. 
But I particularly wanted to share Hertling's conclusions:
Some fascinating threads about the implications of Finland joining NATO - what Russia is really afraid of: Buffalo massacre: Brexit: 
If you've got 7 minutes, here's why Britain is now in such difficulty now with Northern Ireland and the EU. The worst decision Britain ever made was Brexit: Funny:

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