Friday, May 27, 2022

Today's News: Things fall apart

The story of the Uvalde school shooting is no longer just about the children lost and lives destroyed but also a story about police ineptitude and cowardice and lies. And the man of the hour is Beto O'Rorke: Shot: Chaser: Truth here: Moving to the latest from Ukraine, I think we're moving past the "honeymoon" phase, if that is the word, and into the long haul. 
For one thing, its becoming clearer now that Russia is terrified of losing and the sanctions are really hurting. Now Russia is trying to blackmail the world by promising grain shipments if sanctions are lifted. I think its time for Canada to step up by promising more grain shipments to Africa.
And back in Canada, that damned soccer game has FINALLY been cancelled.
I don't know what Soccer Canada was thinking, but their statement was pretty mealy-mouthed, something about how important it was for Canada to play against a non-American team before the world cup because SPORTS! 
Guys, there are dozens of countries around the world - like, all of them except Iran - who have soccer teams and have not shot down Canadians on airplanes. 
So maybe invite one of them to come to Vancouver?

Ontario election latest: Here are some Ontario election cartoons: Finally, just when you thought that everything possible had already been discovered:

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