Sunday, May 15, 2022

Today's News: the tide is turning in Ukraine

Just a short posting tonight, but it appears that the tide in Ukraine is turning: Yesterday Markos described this battle here: Russia's river crossing debacle is beyond belief. I think Russia is starting to get worried. Then today we got this news: Today Markos writes:
 ...Battle of the Izyum Salient - Russian telegram claims five Ukrainian brigades are moving in on Izyum from the north, looking to directly cut off supply lines to the bulk of the Russian forces in the salient... a Ukrainian brigade is around 1,600 troops and 200 armored vehicles. If these reports are correct, we’re talking about 1,000 armored vehicles, and a metric buttload of artillery, raining on Russian positions....if Ukraine is crossing the Donets to attack Izyum’s supply lines, then this seems like a logical place to do so: 

...with Russia already at its limits, Ukraine is taking direct aim at the largest concentration of Russian forces in Ukraine. 
Guys, 20-25% of Russia’s entire Army is in that pocket. 
Something big is happening. 
I mean big, as in war-altering.. Ukraine is going straight for the jugular instead.

There is starting to be talk about a ceasefire, which would be profoundly unfair to Ukraine at this stage - it would abandon far too many Ukrainians behind Russian lines. Even in the midst of destruction, this: And great excitement in Ukraine tonight that Kalush Orchestra won the Eurovision 2022 song contest with their song Stefania:

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