Thursday, May 05, 2022

Today's News: Fuddle Duddle

Today turned out to be the perfect day for this old cartoon

Trudeau dropped the f-bomb when he apparently got fed up with stupid Conservative conspiracy theories about a Canadian Forces surveillance plane that flew over Ottawa on Feb 10, during the Trucker Insurrection  - just proving how very very mean Trudeau really was to those poor poor truckers, I guess. 
It's all so stupid it makes me tired to even write about it so I can imagine how pissed off Trudeau is to put up with the constant catcalls and meaningless smear tactics from the Conservatives. He snapped. I don't blame him.
Turning to Ukraine, I thought this was an interesting observation today: Even Ukraine's trucks are new: Here's another flex by the United States against Russia: The US is, I believe, releasing this kind of news story to push Russia toward realizing they cannot win this war. 

The fury about the intention of the Supreme Court to criminalize abortion isn't going to die down or go away. Today people were talking about how the Republican appointees - Gorsuch, Thomas, Alito, Barrett and Kavanaugh -- had  all lied during their confirmation hearings: It is worth noting also that nobody will ever again believe the assurances of a Republican nominee to the court. 
Here are some people who vote Republican. Or used to: And now of course everything will be up for grabs. Probably back to Brown V Board of Education: This made an interesting point, too: Rick Wilson always has something interesting to say: May 4th isn't just Star Wars Day; its also 5/4, Dave Brubeck Day:  
I actually saw Dave Brubeck play once, at a club in Toronto. This video was posted to YouTube by Tori Chitic - playing live in Belgium 1964, here is Paul Desmond (alto sax), Joe Morello (drums), Eugene Wright (bass) and Dave Brubeck (piano) 

Congrats on this one - beautiful photo: Mattea Roach is still winning on Jeopardy, as of tonight at least. She mentioned to Jennings the other day that she had been a Parliamentary Page one summer - so when I saw this tweet, I wondered how long it took the Archives staff to find this photo? Anyway, its cute, isn't it: Finally, this was a sweet story: Here's the follow-up today:

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