Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Today's News: The stupid, it burns!

Evan Scrimshaw sent out a newsletter tonight talking about Skippy and the Conservative so-called "debate" last week and its worth quoting from: 
 ... It's a busted ideology and a party infected by more than just bad opinions but stupidity at its core. 
To save Canadian conservatism, you first have to be willing to have an honest conversation about its main ill. It’s not the pro-lifers or the social conservatives or the fact that the debate last week was impolite and loud. 
 Conservatism’s real ill in Canada is that it’s so fucking stupid. And until they fix that, they’re done for.
Here's the kind of quality governance that Canada is getting from Conservative MPs these days:
Moving to the most recent update from Ukraine: 
First, some good news: Second, a warning --
Yes, I am concerned about this as well. 
The War seems to be getting less international coverage every day now -- there is less action in and around Kyiv, where the journalists are, and there are other news stories in other places, like recriminalizing abortion in the United States. 
As Russia loses ground and its army disintegrates, I believe it will be trying to create the impression that everyone in the occupied territory is happy happy happy:
It concerns me that the world will lose its fervor to help Ukraine, and then Europe will want to let Russia keep its eastern and southern conquests before Ukraine can mount a massive counteroffensive this summer. 
Here's a fascinating development, if true:

Moving to the latest in the United States, the Republicans have gone mad. They have lost any sense of public service or looking for common ground:
The Steve Schmidt v Spawn of McCain saga is continuing into Day Two: And on a side note, the uproar is educating people about just how many Russians have been attaching themselves like tapeworms to the Republican party during the last 20 years: And this is hilarious:


Anonymous said...

Bernier must have lost his briefing notes, again.


Cathie from Canada said...

Yes, I thought it was priceless. I guess all those Maritime cities look alike, especially when you're not really paying much attention.