Thursday, May 26, 2022

Today's News: This #ProLifeMyAss hashtag is brutal

Twitter is having a moment today. More news following the break: This stunt may backfire on Beto but I hope it doesn't: And the more we find out about what happened at that school, the worst the police look. They spent AN HOUR dithering around outside before they tried to go in, then couldn't break down the schoolroom door and had to get a staff member to use their key. By then, of course, the children and teachers were dead. Speaking of assholes, a bunch of white supremacists in Surry turned out yesterday at a fundraising event where Trudeau was to speak in person, and started hurling racial slurs at the mostly-Asian people attending. So RCMP told Trudeau he had to switch to Zoom. This is what they showed up with: In their coverage, neither CTV nor CBC noticed or mentioned the noose. 

Checking the news from Ukraine today, I realize that when people want Ukraine to "let Putin win" or "settle for a draw", this is actually what they are afraid of: Its going to be a longer fight, I think, than anyone wants: Things aren't going very well for Russia and they're not winning a lot. But maybe they're stopped losing as much. Meanwhile, Putin is hoping to convince the world that everything is proceeding according to plan: Russia may be attempting to start a new offensive: On a lighter note:
Finally, here are some signs of hope: This boy is outstanding (but his school district are cowards)

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