Monday, May 09, 2022

Today's news: One of those days

Yes, it was Mother's Day. And lots of political tweets that relate: I am SO GLAD Margaret Atwood is speaking out: I also looked for recent editorial cartoons about the re-criminalizing abortion in the US -- the ones I found weren't particularly funny, because its no laughing matter.  But here's a few that I liked: 
(Washington Post)

 In other news, Trudeau took an unannounced trip to Ukraine to re-open the Canadian embassy and to meet Patron! The following stuff is completely irrelevant to Canada or to any political event that I actually care about at all, but hey -- the Steve Schmidt twitter has been SMOKIN' and so have all the comments about the tweets -- its the kind of spat that only Twitter can make so very entertaining. 
It all started yesterday, I guess because Meghan McCain wrote a book (which, by the way, sold a miserable 250 copies in its first two weeks):
Yes, indeed:

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