Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Today's News: American Grotesque

Nuts! It was simply grotesque to see Trump mangling his reading of the Uvalde victims' names, as a cowbell rang and they kept messing up the timing. Then there was the dancing. Scorch! Pow! Some more tweets related to the Uvalde massacre: It was Charlton Heston, one-time celebrity NRA leader, who is remembered for saying something about prying his gun from his cold dead hands. Now, there is this: Here's a timely trend: Canada will be improving its gun control laws. I'm hearing the usual sniping about how this legislation is being "rushed" and of course it is - the quicker the better: Maybe we need to update this 2020 cartoon:

In other Canadian news, it was good to see this report finally out and I think we have a defense minister and a Cabinet that will follow through. Its going to be challenging to transfer jurisdictions to civilian courts (which of course had had their own problems in the past with sexual assault cases) but it sends a message about accountability and transparency: Moving to the latest from Ukraine, I was glad to see that the Ukraine government is telling civilians to move away from the battlefields. I think this should have been happening across southern and eastern Ukraine since February, but at least its finally starting to happen now:

The West (ie, Kissinger, the Davos people, etc) have to understand that Russia is committing serious war crimes of all kinds and degrees in all of the Ukrainian territory it has seized: Here's an interesting Ukraine summary from the Financial Times:
The war in Ukraine is essentially being fought on three fronts and among three protagonists. The first front is the battlefield itself. The second front is economic. The third front is the battle of wills. The three participants are Russia, Ukraine and the western alliance backing Ukraine. 

Ukraine appears to be mounting an attack to retake Kherson in the south: The United Nations has released some figures on civilian casualties in Ukraine in the three months of war - they haven't been able to gather numbers in occupied areas, however :
And in other interesting stuff today:
This thread and article are priceless: This takes the cake as the 2022 Headline Of The Year: and this:

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