Saturday, May 14, 2022

Today's News: We like short shorts

Here's the cover photo of 2010 book about the SlutWalk Movement -- just thought I should help out that Ottawa school trying to "measure" the shorts and skirts of its female students today.
Maybe if they used this photo as their guide, then their female students would know exactly what their school thinks of them.
And maybe the next time the students protest, just set up a bouncy castle to keep the police away too.
This is how it started: Then this happened: Ottawa Police later sent out a pious set of tweets about how a student from another school was sort of arrested for trespassing and its not our fault anyway. 
But Ottawa was not impressed - the people of Ottawa have NOT forgiven or forgotten how badly their police force let them down just four months ago: Based on the reporting I am seeing, three things seem clearer now about the SCOTUS "leak" of the Alito draft re-criminalizing abortion:
1. Roberts is trying to assemble a coalition to dismantle Roe v Wade partially but not completely, so that abortion would still remain legal below a certain level of "viability" (12 weeks? 15 weeks?)
2. The leak of the Alito draft was an attempt by the Alito/Thomas camp to play politics, so that Barrett, Kavanaugh and/or Gorsuch wouldn't switch sides to support Roberts, and 
3. SCOTUS doesn't play politics very well.  
In releasing the draft, they thought they would get cheers from pro-lifers and a little grumbling from everyone else. But 200 million Americans are now very very angry, Republican state politicians and Fox pundits are starting to run away from the issue, and federal Republicans are furious that the Democrats may now have a winning issue to increase turnout and retain control of the House and Senate in the mid-terms.
And isn't it terrible to realize the kind of people who are now going to be making US Supreme Court rulings for the next quarter century. I don't know if Biden could ever be convinced to expand the Court but if he doesn't the nation will regret it. Regarding Ukraine tonight, its becoming clearer every day that the Ukrainian Army is pushing Russia back. 
Tonight Markos shares this map showing how Russia's attempts to take Ukrainian territory and encircle Ukraine troops have declined every month since the war began, and will soon be reduced to almost nothing: 

Markos writes: 
 Russia’s slow pace of advance now ensures this war will last well into this year (and likely longer), allowing time for a full Ukrainian transition to NATO-standard weapons. Indeed, Ukraine General Staff is arguing they can be fully transitioned by the end of summer. That may be little consolation to those who would rather see peace break out, global food deliveries re-established, an end to needless death, and money spent on more fruitful endeavors than weaponry. But Vladimir Putin cannot retreat now without delivering the glorious (and easy) victory he promised his nation, and Ukraine sees no reason to surrender given Russia’s sorry battlefield performance. 
It really believes (and I agree) that with the right gear, it can recapture everything lost to Russia since 2014, including the entirety of Donbas and Crimea. And as long as the Ukrainian people are prepared to make that sacrifice (and they appear so), it makes perfect sense for the West to help it achieve its goals.

It doesn't really need to be stated, but Edmonton is horrified at this vandalism - and as the attached tweet shows, this is not at all what Canadians or Edmontonians actually think at all. Getting back to the Conservative leadership race, EKOS Research Frank Graves has released some new stats and here's an interesting table:

On a side note, Elon Musk is really getting more ridiculous every day, isn't he:

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