Friday, May 06, 2022

Today's News: Skippy will just wave his magic wand!

Lots of comments tonight about the first Conservative debate -- apparently not an "official" debate though I'm not sure why that mattered. 
The big loser was, I think, Patrick Brown -- this would have been his first opportunity to introduce himself to the CPC members and the nation, because outside of Ontario nobody knows who he is. But he was too busy to show up. 
Comparing the only two candidates who mattered, I think Poilievre bested Charest. 
Charest did an good job, I thought, explaining how he could implement policies within the complexities of provincial and federal politics. But his actual experience running a party and a province was criticized as "elitist". 
On the other hand, Poilievre's utter lack of any management or leadership experience didn't seem to concern this audience at all - as Poilievre described it, when he tackles problems and controversies, he will only need to wave his magic wand and everything will be fixed with "simple and direct" processes that he will invent whenever he needs them.
Easy peasy!  
Mr. Charest was met with boos that nearly drowned out his comments when he criticized Mr. Poilievre for supporting the trucker protests, that shuttered downtown Ottawa for most of February and prompted intermittent closings at several border crossings. 
Mr. Poilievre “supported an illegal blockade,” Mr. Charest said. “You cannot make laws and break laws.” 
“The average trucker has more integrity in his pinky finger than you had in your entire scandal-plagued Liberal cabinet,” Mr. Poilievre said in response, referring to Mr. Charest’s time as Quebec Premier. 
The Globe also noted recent fundraising totals of the candidates: 
So far, Mr. Poilievre has attracted the largest crowds and the most cash. Newly released fundraising numbers show that by the end of March, Mr. Poilievre had raised $545,298 from 3,336 donors. Following close behind is Mr. Charest, who raised $490,088 but from just 572 donors. 
At $225,751, Ms. Lewis fell well short in the total cash raised but attracted far more donors than Mr. Charest with 1,456 people contributing to her campaign. 
By the end of March, Mr. Brown raised $115,775 from 73 donors; Mr. Aitchison raised $90,945 from 70 people; and Mr. Baber $53,987 from 475 donors.

  And still, Trudeau's F-bomb reverberated: Remember, Mazie rules! More books are coming out about how screwed up things were when Trump was president. 
It's REALLY too bad that so many saved their damning stories for their books instead of telling them when they might have actually made a difference -- like before the election or during Trump's impeachment hearings.
 But I think we can agree now that if Trump wins in 2024, the United States is toast - they barely survived him between 2016 to 2020, he already destroyed the credibility of SCOTUS, and their institutions just aren't strong enough to manage another four years of this kind of crazy again: In a New York Times interview, Esper said this:
Pressed on his view of Mr. Trump, Mr. Esper ... said carefully but bluntly, “He is an unprincipled person who, given his self-interest, should not be in the position of public service.” 
Moving to the latest from Ukraine, I think the Russian military is trying to move heaven and earth to give Putin the "Mission Accomplished" moment he is demanding for next Monday, May 9:
In other news, May 5th is a memorable date: And finally, here's today's most important May 5 issue:
And one of the problems we now need to track is worker camps -- I had not realized the impact of worker camps on the MMIWG2S issue:


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What?! We've now got trans mountain men?! Are these women who identify as mountain men? I'm confused.


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Trans mountain men. I just call them Albertans.