Sunday, May 01, 2022

Today's News: A long time coming

Today the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby arrived in Saskatchewan, to apologize for the Anglican Church role in Canadian residential schools. 
The official photo is above and I'm sorry that I couldn't find a list of the Chiefs, Elders and others in this group.  Archbishop Welby is fourth from the left and I think Elder Dennis Sanderson is beside him, third from the left 
Welby visited James Smith Cree Nation along with Chakastaypasin Band of the Cree Nation and Peter Chapman Band. and tomorrow he will visit an Indigenous Gathering at the Prince Albert Exhibition at 2 p.m. after Sunday services at the St. Alban’s Anglican Cathedral:
Here are some of his words of apology: 
 “I am sorry. I am more sorry than I can say,” Welby said. “I am ashamed. I am horrified. I ask myself, where does that come from — that evil. It has nothing, nothing to do with Christ.”
It has been a long time coming.

In other news, the White House Correspondents' Dinner was tonight. 
"Washington is Hollywood for ugly people" was apparently said by Paul Begala back in the 1980s about this annual dinner - also known as Nerd Prom. 
Tonight was Biden's first dinner, and he got in a few good zingers: I didn't watch very much of it, but I didn't hear about any pearl clutching moments. Though, of course, I'm sure the Repubs will search for something to be offended about. Turning to the right, we see Rolling Blunder arrived in Ottawa today. 
They weren't allowed to roar past Parliament revving their motorcycles and giving Trudeau the finger, poor babies, so they just had to hang around the war memorial and listen to speeches, and then leave, ho hum.... 

And here's a quick update on Ukraine tonight. 
I thought this was beautiful:
One thing I am noticing about this war is that the print and broadcast media seem to be several days behind what I am reading on twitter and on blogs about this war. I get the impression that only recently has the world been realizing what Russian soldiers are likely doing to those Ukrainians trapped behind the lines.
Now Ukraine is taking the fight to Russia, without announcing it: And I thought this was an interesting development: The Russian war crimes are horrific. Russia is now shipping hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians to Russian concentration camps and onward into Siberia - perhaps all the better as they loot and pillage the captured Ukrainian towns and cities,: The UN was able to send some trucks into Mariupol to get about 20 women and children out today. I hope they can do more. And finally, Ukrainians are remembering those they have lost:

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