Saturday, May 28, 2022

Today's News: Keep on keeping on

de Adder, Washington Post 

It's not really surprising that the Ukraine Russia War isn't top of everyone newscasts anymore, I guess. 
But it worries me when people complain about "how long" the war has been going on and why it hasn't been wrapped up already. 
Three months, people! Just three months! 
That's not even half of a hockey season. 
And they don't seem to realize the magnitude of this war either.
Our son listens to a World War II week-by-week podcast - multiple fronts, dozens of countries, hundreds of thousands fighting, millions refugeeing. And six years. People were dealing with it for six years, with preparations for it to last longer. 
So yes, there would be nothing unusual about the Ukraine Russia War going on for some time: The rest of the world is regularly getting arms to Ukraine now, and more on the way. 
But there is true horror in this war -- Russian war crimes. 
Its not only that Russian soldiers are guilty of multiple rapes and torture and murders while they have been occupying Ukraine towns and cities, but also that the Russian government itself is trying to destroy Ukraine as a country. Creepy hostage videos are now appearing, where captured Ukrainians record messages that "thank" Russia for "denazification" Ukraine is fighting hard: As well as the Donbas, Markos thinks Ukraine is also attacking in Kherson to try to to cut off supplies for Crimea
The West cannot allow Russia to win just because we got tired and wanted to think about other stuff: But I get it too -- we have all been distracted because little children died while police dithered in the hall. 
There is no way to ever explain this level of ineptitude: The level of cowardice has no bottom: The Uvalde police department actually had a SWAT team - no one has said where they were, or why the Border Patrol SWAT team finally went in 30 minutes after the Uvalde police had told them to wait outside. 
There will be more to this story, I think: There was a demonstration today outside the NRA conference: In other news, the Ontario election is coming down to the wire, and Ford was trending today! #ThugFord 
Because his security team arrested a lawyer Caryma S’ad for no reason at his rally yesterday:
People were noting that Ford and his staff couldn't be bothered to arrest the Trucker Convoy that terrorized Ottawa last February but they were were ON IT when a protestor showed up at his campaign rally No actual explanation, either: And in other news, here's a funny comment: A Ray Liotta anecdote, from one of my favorite movies: <

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